CTTranslator is a medical open-source computed tomography (CT) image viewing and segmentation program, that processes the read three-dimensional CT images (in DICOM format) by various imaging processes methods (hounsfield skala) and applies the marching cubes algorithm for extracting a polygonal mesh of an isosurface from a three-dimensional scalar field and represents the desired results. CTTranslator is implemented on Linux (Fedora 10) with programming language C ++ and can be used later by integrating certain medical open-source/cross-platform libraries on Windows, Mac OS X, etc.

The goal of this project was, developing an open-source computer program that reads the CT images, then segments those with marching cubes algorithm as 3D models and saves the segmented 3D model as vtk-data. It should be realized about read 2D images and segmented 3D models different processing and operations. As basis materials are used real CT images, which initially identifies the bone or soft tissue structures and displays 2D images with the Hounsfield scale.

In another step, read 2D images should be visualized as 3D model by using the  marching cubes algorithm, which segments the images based on predefined Hounsfield scale parameters. In last step, should the segmented and represented 3D Models should be saved. Before segmentation or saving of the images, different image processing operations and image viewing tasks can be performed.



  1. Easy and user-friendly handling
  2. Visualization of the loaded 2D-images as axial, sagittal, coronal, multiplane, and 3D model (DICOM presentation)
  3. Image viewing for 2D images by using of mouse buttons: zoom in/out, image positioning of all views in separate windows, windowing with Hounsfield scale, rotating of 3D model,  point selection of 2D images to display all the views of the same 2D slice image, region selection of 2D images for the cutting function, scrolling
  4. Image processing for 2D Images: Changing of opacity.
  5. Image processing for 3D Model: Rotating and change color of Model
  6. List of specific image and patient information
  7. input field to insert of specific values​​for Hounsfield scale and marching cubes
  8. Cine Mode for forward and backward scrolling of 2D images automatically
  9. Larger representation of all views at a separate window
  10. Screenshot for all views
  11. Exporting of 3D models as vtk-data file
  12. Live log function for user actions and program events
  13. Help window
  14. Display of 2D images and 3D model on a window at the same time

Detailed information can be found in the Download page.

Y. Özbek, W. Freysinger