GantryTilt0 is a medical open-soruce software, which is used for correction (tilt angle, oblique view setting) of two-dimensional DICOM-formatted computed tomography (CT) images using shear effect of affine transformation. The goal of project was to read the CT images with a -6° tilt angle (shear factor), to bring it by the displacement or shear transformation at 0° gantry tilt in 3D coordinate system and to save transformed CT images again as a CT series, so that the CT images stands ready for later geometrical measurements, registration with other CT images, etc.

GantryTilt0 is implemented on Linux (Fedora 15) with programming language C++ and can be used and further expanded by integrating certain medical open-source/cross-platform libraries on Windows, Mac OS X,  etc.

Y. Özbek, W. Freysinger