CTK in CAS (The Common Toolkit in computer assisted surgery) is a medical open-source software that used to develop efficient, modular and plug-in based biomedical applications. And it provides a tutorial that can be used as a template by CTK plug-in framework e.g. for a standard navigation in CAS.

The goal of this project is as first, represent a template (demo application) using the CTK plug-in framework that facilitates and simplifies the creation of complex applications in the biomedical field in many ways, e.g. implementation and management and as second, set up a tutorial that provides support to the development with the CTK plug-in framework.

To validate the use of CTK in computer-assisted surgery, and to facilitate the entry into the framework, a demo application is developed. It enables the loading of DICOM images, the integration of tracking data, the marker-based registration of CT data, navigation and the display of (Stereo-) video streams.




Detailed information can be found in Downloads and Publications pages.

F. Gangelberger, Y. Özbek, W. Freysinger