StoS (Surface to Surface) is a medical open-source-tool for open4Dnav to realize a surface based (model based) registration with iterative closest point algorithm (ICP). The project goal is to get in the first step a point cloud (cartesian coordinate system) from segmented computed tomography data set (CT) by using the surface extraction technique, which is  used later as reference points for ICP. The second point cloud is recorded by the patient with a tracker by tracking the probe position, which is  used later as target points for the ICP. In the second step are both point clouds with the ICP registered and visualized accordingly.

The user has the possibility to enter the number of iterations, the number of control points and the maximum arithmetic mean value between two iterations manually and to register point clouds with the entered values iteratively. After each registration the root-mean-square error (RMS) and a transformation matrix is computed and stored separately with registration result (registered model) in poly file format.


Y. Özbek, W. Freysinger